Digital Identity

Digital Tattoo – UBC

UBC’s Digital Tattoo project is designed to “raise questions, provide examples and links to resources to encourage you to think about your presence online, navigate the issues involved in forming and re-forming your digital identity and learn about your rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen”. The easy-to-navigate site features a series of self-assessments, quizzes, and games exploring the following themes: Protect, Connect, Learn, Work, and Publish.

As the folks over at UBC point out, “It’s really just all about making informed decisions and your own decisions”.

Faculty will want to explore the Digital Tattoo Curriculum – a rich library of teaching resources which can be used and adapted for their own content.

Open DS106 – University of Mary Washington

UMW’s open Digital Storytelling 106 is one part storytelling workshop, one part technology training, and, most importantly, another part critical interrogation of the digital landscape.

Course learning objectives:

  1. Develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creative self-expression
  2. Frame a digital identity wherein you become both a practitioner in and interrogator of various new modes of networking
  3. Critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies as emergent narrative forms and genres

The 12 unit open DS 106 can be completed at your pace on your own or along aside others.